The British Automobile Touring Association of Nova Scotia (BATANS) is a non-profit organization registered in Nova Scotia, Canada, whose mandate is to promote the preservation and enjoyment of British automobiles, and encourage fellowship among owners and admirers.

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How Did BATANS Get Started?
In 1983 three British car enthusiasts met by accident, not literally, in Wolfville on an October Sunday afternoon. BATANS took-off from there, attracting like-minded enthusiasts over the years. To date we have 250+ members from B.C. to Newfoundland, the U.S.A. and even the United Kingdom.  For the full story see The Origins of BATANS

What’s the Make-Up of BATANS Now?
See some “demographics” about  Vehicles and their Owners

Executive Directors
• Chairperson: Gerald Hull
• Vice Chairperson: Ian Cumming
• Secretary: Howard Gray
• Treasurer: David White
• Don Aldous
• Bob Burns
• Fraser Cox
• Barrie Croft
• Thys Molenaar
• Dave Munroe
• Steve Wright
Support Positions
• Regalia Sales: Tony McCormack
• Newsletter Editor: Ray Whitley
• Tour Coordinator: Pat Leahy
• Membership Coordinator: Howard Gray
• Members2 List Administrator: Howard Gray
• Webmaster: Howard Gray
Regional Representatives
• HRM/Eastern Shore: John Hughes
• Annapolis Valley & Windsor: Garth Hancock
• Western Valley (Digby to Yarmouth): Rick Swain
• South Shore: Ian Thomson
• Northern Nova Scotia: Fraser Cox
• Cape Breton: Brian McKeigan